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2018 Household Channel Development Exchange Conference and Household Rooftop Photovoltaic System Certification Specifications Semina

In order to promote a reasonable prosperity of the household photovoltaic industry, on April 25th, the “2018 Household Channel Development Exchange

Conference and HouseholdRooftop PhotovoltaicSystem Certification Specifications Seminar”, hosted by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and

Shenzhen Shuori New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.,undertaken by Guangfu.bjx, and hy.bjx(a household photovoltaic website) and co-organized by Shanghai

University Of Electric Power and Shanghai Education and CommunicationCentre of Green Energy was officially held in Shanghai. Nearly500 elites from various

fields, including Photovoltaic Industry Association, State Grid Power Supply Company, PhotovoltaicResearch Institute, distributed photovoltaic project investment

and constructioncompanies, bank, insurance and financial institutions, and household distributors, participated in theconference to discuss the standardization

development of household photovoltaic, and provide suggestionsfor the healthy development of the household photovoltaic industry.

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